Divided Appellate Court Rules Apple Violated Antitrust Law

A divided appellate court has ruled Apple violated antitust laws when they entered the electronic book market.
The ruled Apple colluded with publishers to raise electronic book in 2010 while Amazon dominated the market.
The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan ruled 2-to-1 that a lower-court judge correctly found Apple Inc. violated the law to upset Amazon.com Inc.'s control of the market.
In dissent, Judge Dennis Jacobs defended Apples actions as "eminently reasonable" when Amazon had 90 percent control of the market selling the most popular books online for $9.99.
Afterward, its share of the market dropped to about 60 percent.
Judge Debra Ann Livingston stated in the majority opinion that Apple conspired in a price-fixing scheme with publishers to more easily enter the market.
The U.S. Justice Department and 33 states and territories originally sued Apple and five publishers.