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Hong Kong: Thousands urge US to pass HK Democracy Act

2 15.10.2019 Инфо

W/S Demonstrators with lights singing 'Glory to Hong Kong', Hong Kong
M/S Singer Tommy singing 'Glory to Hong Kong'
M/S Demonstrators waving US flags
W/S Demonstrators gathered in Chater Garden
M/S Singer Tommy singing
W/S Tommy and people chanting (Cantonese): "Hong Konger, resist"
SOT, Joshua Wong, Student activist and Secretary-General of pro-democracy party Demosisto (Cantonese): "We shouldn't forget we have to insist, not give up, 'Hong Konger, resist' is not only a slogan, I hope 'The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act' will be passed all over the world to support Hong Kong people, here I would like to say another slogan, the act in English is 'The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act', let's say: 'pass the act'. Pass the act, pass the act."
M/S Riot police marching fully armed near Chater Garden
M/S Riot police
W/S Riot police escorting arrested man
M/S Legislative Councillor, Hui Chi-fung
SOT, Hui Chi-fung, Legislative Councillor for Hong Kong: " I am talking to the highest rank commander here, and I ask you to explain why you have arrested the young boy next to the General Post office. I point out to you that it is an arbitrary arrest. This is against the law, against the human rights, it's an unlawful arrest. If it's a mistake, please come out and explain."
W/S Aerial view of Chater Garden and surroundings *NO SOUND AT SOURCE*
Thousands of activists gathered in Hong Kong's Chater Garden on Monday urging the US to pass the so-called "Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act 2019."
The bill, that is expected to be voted on in the US House of Representatives this Tuesday, envisages imposing a range of sanctions and penalties against both Beijing and the island government for suppressing the democratic rights of Hong Kongers.
Demonstrators were seen waving the US flags while singing protesters' unofficial anthem 'Glory to Hong Kong' and shouting slogans such as "Pass the bill."
Activist Joshua Wong addressed the crowds, saying that he hopes " 'The Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act' will be passed all over the world."
At least one person was seen arrested by the riot police.