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Russia: Court prolongs detention of 'Moscow case' protester accused of assaulting police

1 12.11.2019 Инфо

M/S 'Moscow case' protester Nikita Chirtsov inside defendant's cage, Moscow’s Tverskoy District Court
C/U Chirtsov
M/S Chirtsov's relative crying
M/S Vladislav Barabanov, one of 'Moscow case' activists who had charges against him dropped, holding banner reading (Russian): "Moscow case must be ended"
SOT, Yuri Mikhailenok, policeman investigated in Chirtsov’s case as a victim (Russian): "The [Chirtsov’s] lawyer made arguments referring to the norms, rulings of the European Court [of Human Rights] and so on. I kind of know them myself, and I agree with them, yes, I agree with them in that way. I feel the same way, well, that when some criminal or maniac is being put [in cage]. Maniacs are one thing, and such case, well, much smaller case, [Chirtsov] could have been put in a common space - not limited, well, in a confined space."
M/S Police outside court
SOT, Yuri Mikhailenok, a policeman investigated in Chirtsov’s case as a victim (Russian): "I think that deprivation of liberty for this act is inconsistent with the degree of offence."
W/S Moscow’s Tverskoy District Court
SOT, Alexander Borkov, Nikita Chirtsov's lawyer (Russian): "Before the trial, don’t get me wrong, it's still a police officer, I have no right to go to him with any suggestions or communicate with him in any way. Today we have officially met in the trial, so dialogue may take place."
W/S Moscow’s Tverskoy District Court
Moscow’s Tverskoy District Court on Tuesday prolonged the detention of activist Nikita Chirtsov, who is accused for assaulting a policeman during an unauthorised rally in Moscow in July, fox six months until April 30.
Chirtsov is accused to have allegedly pushed police officer Yury Mikhailenok in the chest at the unsanctioned rally on July 27.
Speaking outside the court, Mikhailenok himself said that Chirtsov’s punishment was “inconsistent with the degree of offence.”
Several other protesters from the so-called 'Moscow Case' have been charged over the unsanctioned gatherings held during the summer in the Russian capital.
The demonstrations started in June in support of disqualified Moscow City Council election candidates.