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Residents forced to run away from areas of Syria overrun by anti-government forces including the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Qaida-affiliated Jubhat al-Nusra spoke to RT about why they were forced to flee their homes during an interview with RT Arabic in Homs, Tuesday. Hassan Tallas, a former resident of al-Rastan, a small city in the Homs district of Syria, told RT Arabic that some militant groups mistook him for "agents of the regime" as he tried to stop the bloodshed, stating that "they put mines in my home and bombed it. Last time there was an armed ambush, one of my boys died and the other was shot several times." Another former resident of al-Rastan Suleiman Abdul Bari said that militant groups "attacked our house and killed my brother and nephew, and I was stabbed here with a knife when they tried to kill me," adding that "Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS militants are behind all of this." "We are too scared to go back, especially when we hear the sound of the fighting. Many of my friends from school died," said the son of Hassan Tallas from al-Rastan, adding that "I wish we can go back to al-Rastan, so I can go back to school."


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