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UK Prime Minister David Cameron said that he is ready to take Britain's relationship with China, "to the next level", speaking at the UK-China Business Summit at London's Mansion House, Wednesday. Cameron said that he hopes that the two countries can cooperate to "make sure the trade and investments flow both ways along the modern equivalent of the Silk Road", before describing China as the UK's "best partner". Chinese President Xi Jinping followed up Cameron's speech with a metaphor saying, "just like the British weather the current world economic climate is equally prone to change", and wished for "a better future for China, UK and China-EU cooperation." The two leaders are negotiating deals worth £30bn (€40bn/$46bn), as well as the construction of a nuclear plant at Somerset's Hinkley Point, one third of the project to be covered by China. The Chinese President is scheduled for dinner with the Queen at Buckingham Palace on Thursday, on the final day of his UK visit.


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