Mexico: Anti-Trump artist 'inverts' nudes to highlight topsy-turvy politics

US conceptual photographer Spencer Tunick was in the Mexican city of San Miguel de Allende, Friday, for the latest installment of his trademark photos of nudes – this time using his naked models to take aim at Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
Dubbed 'Inversion', the photographs depict naked models standing upside down on their heads in rural sites in the colonial-era city, now popular for US retirees.
Tunick explained the work was “about how we live in a topsy-turvy world right now and people’s lives are turned around, everything doesn’t seem real, everyone’s so anxious and crazy,” adding “especially in the United States with the psychopath Donald Trump, that’s confusing us and destroying our spirit.”
The New York based artist has criticised the Republican Party before, when he took pictures of 100 naked women at a Republican Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, earlier this year, with the intention to "shine the wisdom of women to change the world."