Bill Cosby's 2005 Deposition May Aid Defamation Cases Against Him

A perceived moral compass for the American people has shown he is no saint.
In a 2005 deposition, comedian and TV father Bill Cosby admitted he picked up sedatives for women he desired sexually, and that he used them with at least one woman.
Though the shocking unsealed deposition does not vilify the elder comedian as the accused rapist his victims claim him to be, his admissions can aid certain court cases brought against him.
Since the dozens of accusers remained silent for decades, the statute of limitations for his alleged sexual assaults have passed.
However, new lawsuits have been filed in civil court claiming Cosby defamed his accusers by calling them liars.
This is how his 2005 testimony comes into play.
Though it cannot be used criminally against Cosby, his admission can be used in lingering defamation suits filed recently.