Panama: Problems between US and Cuba remain 'unsolved' – Morales

The most striking problems between Cuba and the US remain "unsolved," Bolivian President Evo Morales said in Panama City, Saturday, calling the new approach between the two nations "a mistake." He expressed concern about the fact that the US are yet to "return Guantanamo to Cuba" and regarding the fact that the economic blockade is yet to be fully lifted. Speaking at a question and answer session after the first plenary session of the seventh Summit of the Americas, Morales pointed out that he believed that Obama has to "fix the problems" a 50 year-long economic blockade has caused. The Bolivian leader clarified his point of view after listening to Obama's and Cuban leader Castro's speeches on renewed diplomatic ties between the two countries following the first formal meeting between the two heads in more than half a century that took place on the side-lines of the summit.