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Luxembourg: Johnson holds Brexit talks with PM Bettel

0 16.09.2019 Инфо

M/S UK PM Boris Johnson arrives at meeting with Luxembourg PM Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg
M/S Johnson and Bettel exchanging comments
M/S Johnson following Bettel
M/S Johnson walking through rooms
M/S Bettel sitting at desk
M/S Johnson sitting down
M/S Bettel speaking
C/U Bettel speaking
W/S Officials at meeting
C/U Johnson listening to Bettel
M/S Johnson and Bettel leaving meeting, anti-Brexit supporters booing Johnson
W/S Anti-Brexit supporters shouting 'Shame on you' to Johnson as he leaves
W/S Bettel holds press conference
M/S Bettel holds press conference
M/S Cameras on Bettel
M/S Bettel holds press conference
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with his Luxembourg counterpart Xavier Bettel in Luxembourg City, on Monday.
Johnson, who also met outgoing EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, insisted that the UK will be leaving the EU on October 31 with or without a deal, despite a new law preventing a no-deal Brexit.
The UK Prime Minister, who was booed by anti-Brexiteers shouting "shame on you" after the meeting cancelled a scheduled press conference, leaving Bettel to address the press by himself.
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