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“Run towards it shouting and screaming,” advised one guest on Georgia’s leading TV channel. “Should you do that for a tiger or a bear?” asked another. The confusion over which killer beasts were still at large in Tbilisi – nearly a week after a flash flood obliterated the capital’s zoo – was understandable. Earlier in the week the coalition government in this former Soviet state had said all of the zoo’s predators were accounted for. But on Wednesday there was a fatal attack by a white tiger on a cleaner checking a flooded warehouse. On Thursday police said they were still looking for another tiger, and a hyena, thought to be on the loose.
The recent events were a huge embarrassment for the coalition government, which has become the butt of a flurry of derisory jokes from Tbilisi residents. Many here are as bemused as they are shocked at the saga – alongside the human tragedy of at least 20 deaths, hippos have roamed the streets and a penguin has turned up in neighbouring Azerbaijan.


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