New Film 'Tumbledown' to Premier at Tribeca 2015

When husband-and-wife team Desiree Van Til and Sean Mewshaw were getting ready to make their film Tumbledown, starring Rebecca Hall and Jason Sudeikis, they faced a unique challenge.
The story centers on Hannah played by Hall, whose husband, Hunter, was becoming a famous musician when he suddenly died.
Van Til and Mewshaw knew that Hunter's music would be a key part of the film, and they would need to build up a character who would be a very strong presence for Andrew and Hannah as they attempted to move forward.
Mewshaw explained to Billboard, "Originally, we had imagined that we would work with a musician first and create the character of Hunter Miles before we began working on the film, so we would have his music there to play on set."
The film premiers at the Tribeca Film Festival, April 18.