Netherlands: Trial over ownership of Crimean gold kicks off in Amsterdam

A trial focusing on the ownership of Scythian gold originally brought to Amsterdam from Crimea before the peninsula’s reunification with Russia got underway in the Dutch capital, Wednesday.
In November 2014, four museums from the Crimean peninsula filed a lawsuit with the court seeking the return of the Scythian gold that was being exhibited at the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam earlier that year. The gold was disputed after Crimea voted for independence and later joined Russia.
Deputy Minister of Information Policy of Ukraine Emine Dzhaparova claimed that "the cultural heritage which is the artifacts of that museum collection belong the Ukrainian people. And we are here to save that collection in the name of our people because this is our direct obligation as the government."
However, Valentina Mordvintseva, the organiser of Crimea gold exhibition, stated that she wanted the artefacts to return to Crimea: "Nothing changed in the museums, they exist for more than a century, most of them. So you know, during this century, many things happened. It changed all the time, one state, another state. But the museums are the same."