Poll Shows a Third of Germans Feel Deceived By Merkel in Spy Row

A poll showed on Wednesday that one in three Germans feels deceived by Chancellor Angela Merkel regarding a row over spying on Germans, but almost half are not very interested in the whole affair.
Allegations that Germany's foreign intelligence agency, BND, helped the U.S. National Security Agency spy on European companies and officials have caused rifts in Merkel's coalition with the Social Democrats and are showing signs of hurting Merkel.
Last week, media reports alleged that Merkel's aides had lied to the public before the 2013 election about the prospects of a no-spy deal with the United States. No such deal has never materialized.
This week's Forsa poll showed that 52 percent of voters think the spying row is either important or very important while 48 percent of voters are hardly interested in it.