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I close my eyes & se u in my dreams what iz that means my heart iz stumpt u cant leave my imagine its kind of magik .......my tears iz fly in this deep okean of memorries...

part 1:
day after day, i wish this would all go away,night after night, all i can do is fight,with the thoughts inside my head, all i do is dread,no actions, no movement, not even the sound of a thread,
part 2:
but then i came to wonder; but then it came to bein the most unexpected place, i met a girl, and then i could seethat all of this lonliness, pain and greif that was upon mecould all go away with her help at the count of one, two, three
part 3:
she taught me discipline, dreams, and how to rise to the topshe had that positive attitude and personality that made my heart dropshe even told me one day of how she would be a queen of popand sometimes her desription of things would make my heart stop
part 4:
10 years later, after all this had passed,we are living happily together, in a house with a yard of green grassin a perfect neigborhood, not the slightest sign of trashafter all this I can happily tell you,dreams can come to pass. ~~~

part 1:
it was a dark and dreery night,not a thing in the world felt right,everything going through my head; it was all so tight,everything going through my head; it was all just a fight,
part 2:
but then i remembered: i had her company,i called her up, then i could clearly see,that all of this anger and lonliness, it wasnt all i could see,that this happiness, it can actually come to be,
part 3 (last part):
so after that talk with her, i laid down to sleep,and then all was quiet; not even a peep,so what did i learn from this, you might ask?that no matter how i felt; her heart was mine to keep.
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