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Graves and silence
Empty spaces –
Seas of blood and tears.
Boundaries – barbed wire
Curbing minds and souls
And life desire.
The sky is overcast,
No air to breathe –
/> Potential bomb:
That’s what we are leaving on.

A child wants to know
Why the flowers no longer grow.
Why there is to be no sun.
Be still my child!
You are too young.

Don’t worry. Don’t think.
Don’t speak.
Stop! I am no object.
I have a soul.
My child, careful where you walk.
For there is nor more room
Under this carpet for dirt.
Your mother’s feet already hurt.
We eat the same food
We share the same land
Why do we need the borders?

There is still a hope
For you to dream
To laugh and have a chance of future

Let flowers and sun –
The bright –
Turn info your guiding light
Of how to live
And how to love
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