My Chemical Romance sa nai-qkata grupa ever!!! :):):):):):)
Fake MCR fans say they like them because they heard The Black Parade
Real MCR fans like more songs than The Black Parade.
Fake MCR fans like them to get credibility.
MCR fans like them because MCR saved and changed their lives.
Fake MCR fans say they like them so they can impress mosher boys.
Real MCR fans say they like them mainly to keep the boys away.
Fake MCR fans say Gerard's hot with blonde hair and didn't look cool with black hair.
Real MCR fans say Gerard's hot whatever color his hair is.
Fake MCR fans just think The Used are just another band.
Real MCR fans like The Used's music but hate Bert McCracken.
Fake MCR fans ****** their songs from iTunes.
Real MCR fans save all their money for weeks to buy the CD.
Fake MCR fans only have one favorite.
Real MCR fans love them all, from Gee to Bob.
Fake MCR fans think Gerard is just Gerard.
Real MCR fans know about his art work.
Fake MCR fans want to smoke cause Gee and Frankie do.
Real MCR fans want Gee and Frankie to stop smoking..
Fake MCR fans will rip out one poster from a magazine that has MCfly on the cover.
Real MCR fans will beg their parents to buy them every mag that has even a tiny picture of them in it.
Fake MCR fans will metion them in passing.
Real MCR fans will talk about them all the time.
Fake MCR fans will not play the music by their parents.
Real MCR fans will play the music so much their parents know the words.
Fake MCR fans will take any critisism about them with a shrug.
Real MCR fans will fall out with their fathers for days when they say MCR are gay.
Fake MCR fans will call them emo.
Real MCR fans will call them the band that saved their life.
Fake MCR fans record Johnathen Ross and never watch it.
Real MCR fans will record Johnathen Ross and study it and won't delete it until their parents do it personally.
Fake MCR fans say they wanna be the next MCR when they grow up.
Real MCR fans say that nobody will ever beat MCR when they grow up.
Fake MCR fans will pretend to like them until the next band.
Real MCR fans will stick by them and play their children the CD's in the future.
Fake MCR fans will say ' just another song'.
Real MCR fans will be infulenced because the song will hold a special place in their hearts.
Fake MCR fans don't know Ghost Of You is a song.
Real MCR fans will have nightmares about Mikey getting killed.
Fake MCR fans, I see so many.
Real MCR fans, like you and me.

They told us they weren't OK. They told us vampires would never hurt us. They want us to say our Famous Last Words and join The Black Parade. They said the mirror wasn't big enough for the both of them. They cried for the ghost of us. They introduced us to Helena. They don't love us like they did yesterday. Put this on your profile if you love My Chemical Romance!