My eyes filled with water that no one can drink,
Dispair made of laughter on my knees I sink.
I hold in my hands what my life has forsaken,
I keep in my heart what's already been taken.
Beneath my subconscience a lake of my
I live for today and I fear my tomorrow.
Blood flows down in rivers for 13 years,
The wind in my face can't dry all my tears.
Declare us the war, we have all been forgiven.
Be thankful my friend, for all you've been given.
Day in and day out they will feed you with poison,
One day you wake up and give way to their thoughts.
This is the violence I brought here to you,
This is the life that I sacrificed,
This is the morning without a day after,
This is the silence that never breaks...

Иии .. така. xD