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What am I?
I'm the girl next door, who play the music loud..
I'm the girl, who feels the beat whit my heart.
Who am I?
I'm the one, who you want..
I'm the on, from who every girl is jealous. ^.^


What do I want most?
The thing, I most want, is you..
The way, I most want, is full of fame and success.
What do I like?
The music, nobody listen to..
The art, which tell everything for my sol.


Why do you want me?
'cuss I'm the craziest girl in town..
'cuss I'm the best at the wildest parties.
What will I do for you?
I will take a bullet for you..
I will get in a fight for you.
And why I'll do it for you?
'cuss I want to do something nice for you..
'cuss I want you to be mine forever!! ;)

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