54 ammies bitchez
36 NIP stickers
58 capsules
30 IBP
30 VP
Currenly 150 keys.

Welcome to my profile. I buy and sell items for
real money. I'm a highly reputable trader that has been doing this for a few months and I have no reports so far.

I go first only on bank transactions ONLY if you are a reputable trader and have A LOT of money trades. (Im using American Express) Otherwise I use paypal and you go first. I always send the money as a gift when doing a real money trade and I've never refunded anything in previous transactions.I send the money using Paypal after I've received the item which I desire from the trade.

Why you should trust me:
ːcandycaneː I've received and sent a lot of money using Paypal. (I can prove that with showing my history on paypal)
ːcandycaneː I have no reports on steamrep or anywhere else.
ːcandycaneːI've played the game for 1100 + hours and have made 130+ wins. (A scammer usually has fake hours and no wins)
ːcandycaneː I have made a lot of market transactions.
ːcandycaneːI have a big inventory worth around 700 euro.