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Russia: Protesters who attacked Russian embassy in Kiev should be charged - Zakharova

5 11.03.2016 Инфо

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova called for those who participated in the recent attacks on the Russian embassy in Kiev, and consulate in Lviv, to be held responsible, during a press briefing in Moscow, Friday.
"I would like to say to those Ukrainian citizens, who participated in these actions, that it is not some cheap entertainment, and financial responsibility will be spread among all your citizens, Ukrainian citizens who will later pay for this," she said. "Russian diplomatic and consulate buildings suffered a serious property loss. Moreover, the life and safety of the employees were under threat," Zakharova added.
The Russian official also referenced similar attacks on the foreign missions in the Middle East region and stressed that the international community acted as a "united front." She went on to say that Russia regardless of its political views and relations with several countries always states that such attacks are "unacceptable." "I would like to draw attention to our civilised Western colleagues that one of the organisers of this horror attack in Lviv was a Rada deputy," she added.
On Wednesday, Ukrainian Parliamentary Deputy Volodymyr Parasyuk broke onto the premises of the Russian consulate in Lviv, stealing a Russian flag from the site and lighting it on fire before being ejected by security personnel. On Sunday, far-right protesters vandalised the Russian embassy in Kiev, breaking a window, throwing red paint on the walls and writing obscenities on the gate, during a demonstration calling for the release of Ukrainian pilot Nadezhda Savchenko.