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Germany: Hen adopts troop of huge rhea chicks after dad neglects them

6 20.07.2015 Инфо

A hen named Gertrud has adopted 10 rhea chicks at the Frankfurt Zoo and was actively rearing the birds that are already taller than her, Monday. One of the zoo workers noticed that the father of the chicks was not taking appropraite care of his young and decided to innovate. Male rhea birds are the usual caregivers, incubating and raising their young. However, after they were born, the father was territorial, leading the zookeepers to bring in Gertrud. Gertrud has now been looking after the chicks for about six weeks and is teaching them the basics of bird life, teaching them how to eat food and drink. Rhea do not fly and can read 1.5 metres tall (4ft 9") tall when they reach adulthood.