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Germany: Berlin Philharmonic performs open air concert at Brandenburg Gate

6 25.08.2019 Инфо

W/S Chief conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra Kirill Petrenko appearing on stage, Berlin
W/S Stage outside Brandenburg gate
M/S Kirill Petrenko bowing on stage
M/S Berlin Philharmnoic performing
M/S Kirill Petrenko conducting
C/U Spectator filming concert on phone
M/S Kirill Petrenko conducting Berlin Philharmonic
W/S Concert and spectators
SOT, Kristine, spectator: "I'm coming because I like the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. I've actually been to the concert hall before. I don't really know a lot about this particular conductor, but it's a great occasion and the setting is fantastic and it's a great atmosphere here."
C/U Kirill Petrenko banner
M/S Berlin Philharmonic playing
SOT, Mihab, spectator: "I guess if I'm going to have a big fun, I guess I'm going to be very sad if it's going to end so I hope so it will be back again. Yeah, and if it will be again I actually will come back soon."
W/S Spectators listening to concert
M/S Kirill Petrenko conducting on screen
W/S Spectators
SOT, Annady, concertgoer: "I heard that he [Kirill Petrenko] is very special in his conducting that I'm really just excited to hear the Berlin Philharmonic since he has been there. I can recognise them by their sound again, because that's what they're saying is that he's doing is that you can recognise them by their sound again."
M/S Kirill Petrenko conducting Berlin Philharmonic
W/S Berlin Philharmonic playing
C/U Berlin Philharmonic banner
C/U Camera
W/S Spectators at concert
The Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra led by its new Russian-born chief conductor Kirill Petrenko performed Beethoven's Ninth symphony to tens of thousands of people in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin on Saturday.
47-year-old Petrenko was born in Siberia and moved to Austria with his parents when he was 18 years old. He became the Berlin Philharmonic's seventh principal conductor in its 137-year history.
The open air concert which is part of celebrations marking 30 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall was held a day after Petrenko's inaugural performance with the orchestra.