Can Rihanna Bring Back the Bucket Hat?

Rihanna can do no wrong—stylistically, of course.
She can sport a green fur coat à la Oscar the Grouch, and we shrug with amusement. She garners worst dressed nods, and we chock it up to her rebellious spirit. Her predilection to shock has become the norm. And as a result, the star's ability to actually forge style trends remains uncertain…perhaps until now.
On Monday night, the songstress came out to support BFF Melissa Forde's debut collaboration with Workng Title hat line. Rihanna complemented her oversized coat-and-bralet-combo with one of the brand's newly designed bucket hats. If the bucket hat does in fact surpass the threshold of trends only celebs can sport, it'll be a true testament to RiRi's fashion authority.