Бельото на Ева Браун се продава в Охайо

Shop Owner Ernie Scarano displayed an unusual piece of Nazi-Germany history, in the form of Eva Braun's knickers in Elmer, Ohio on Tuesday. Sacrano declared that he "liked the panties" and that they were "a good conversation piece". He did concede that everyone doesn't share his interest, stating that some customers "were horrified" while others "don't see why it is important." The underwear is on sale at Scarano's shop 'Mantiques' for $7,500 (€6,725). Scarano came across the underwear after they were looted by First Lieutentant D.C. Watts from Hitler's mountaintop hideout 'The Eagles nest' in Obersaltzburg, Austria. Watts' loot passed its way to one Charles Snyder, the author of 'Treasure Troves of the Third Reich.' Snyder subsequently sold Scarano the knickers from his website. Along with a certificate of authenticity from Snyder, Scarano stated that he had done his own research into the matter to verify that the knickers really did belong to Braun, citing her initials embodied on the knickers as proof.