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Rachel Dolezal’s biological brother, Joshua Dolezal, wrote a memoir in March 2014 that included details of alleged physical abuse Rachel suffered at the hands of her ex-husband Kevin Moore.
In his book, Down from the Mountaintop: From Belief to Belonging, Joshua Dolezal wrote that Rachel told him she was scared of her husband during their marriage. She filed for divorce from Moore, who is black, in 2004.
In this excerpt, Joshua describes a phone conversation he had with Rachel during her marriage to Moore. “What’s going on? Can you talk, or is he home?” “It’s OK,” she said, “but I wish you wouldn’t write. It makes everything worse.” “Makes what worse?” “He hasn’t hit me yet, but he’s thrown me by my hair twice.” “What? That bastard. I had no idea.” “I’m scared. The other day I was walking out of the bathroom and he bumped me with his hip and I fell down. He said, ‘Look–I can knock you over with nothing but my skinny little ass.’ And he wakes me at three in the morning by licking me. Sometimes he’s on top of me before I’m even awake. He’s done that before, but now it happens every day. It’s freaking me out.”


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