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A group of Russian engineers and space enthusiasts presented a micro-satellite project in Moscow on October 1 that will fly to the moon and take high-resolution photographs of its surface. "We decided to create a spacecraft that will fly to the moon and photograph the surface in high resolution," one of the project founders Vitali Egorov said in the interview. The main goal of the project is to "film Apollos," Egovor said, adding that in general it is a "scientific study that has not been carried out before." Egorov's team wants to document evidence of the first manned spacecraft on the moon, the U.S. project 'Apollo 11,' as well as the 'Luna' and 'Lunokhod' Soviet space missions. "The result of our work will be a spacecraft - vehicle design - that will be able to operate in deep space, in the interplanetary space beyond the near-Earth orbit," Egorov explained. Space engineers originally planned to collect $12,100 (€10,800) with the help of Russian funding platform 'Boomstarter' to fund the building of the spacecraft. They have already raised $14,700 (€13,100) from 513 sponsors. Fundraising will run until November 3.


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