Austria: Deutsche Bahn suspends trains from Austria and Hungary amid refugee crisis

Thousands of refugees amassed at the Austrian border town of Nickelsdorf, Tuesday, after German rail company Deutsche Bahn announced that it suspended all services to Germany from Austria and Hungary, key routes for refugees attempting to enter into western Europe. Thousands of refugees arrived at Nickelsdorf by train from Hungary as well as from Croatia. Austrian authorities provided basic care and food to the refugees, who will now continue their journey onwards to refugee camps in the west of the country near the border with Germany. Following the reintroduction of border controls by German migration authorities last week, German rail network Deutsche Bahn announced all train services to and from Hungary and Austria are to be suspended until October 4. Several thousand refugees are now stuck near the Austria-Germany border as a result, with authorities expecting another thousand arrivals on Wednesday. Austrian soldiers have begun building a new refugee tent camp directly in the Hungary-Austria border area which will accommodate 5,000 people.