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France: Opposition leader Melenchon appears in court on police obstruction charges

1 19.09.2019 Инфо

M/S Head of opposition party "La France Insoumise" Jean-Luc Melenchon arrives for trial, Bobigny, Paris
W/S Journalists
M/S Melenchon and party leaders
W/S Melenchon surrounded by journalists
M/S Melenchon supporters holding signs
M/S Melenchon greeting his supporters
SOT, Alexis Corbiere, MP from "La France Insoumise" party (French): "We are here to make our arguments heard, determined, convinced that all this is out of the ordinary, disproportionate since the beginning, including this summons. We will make our arguments heard; that should make each of us relaxed; and that everyone understands that from the beginning this matter is political."
W/S Melenchon raising his fist
M/S Signs
SOT, Gerard, "La France Insoumise" activist (French): "It's a shame! We should not forget one thing. Since the Vichy regime, no government has ever dared to attack opposition politicians with false accusations."
M/S Sign, protesters
SOT, Voltuan, "La France Insoumise" activist (French): "We are angry because this trial has no place. It's a real manipulation, an intimidation. But anyway, since Emmanuel Macron and his government are in power, this is just that: contempt of the people and repression at work!"
M/S Police watching supporters
SOT, Pierre, "La France Insoumise" activist (French): "Among the 17 deputies who were the subject of a denunciation by the former member of the National Front in the European Parliament including Jadot, including Alliot-Marie, including Brice Hortefeux, and many others, the only one for whom the prosecution opened an investigation that led to this [house] search, the only one is Jean-Luc Melenchon. Why him and not others? Why is he the subject of an exception procedure and not the others? On the part of the prosecutor's office most of whose magistrates were appointed by the power and by Emmanuel Macron himself."
M/S Supporters applauding as Melenchon exits courtroom
M/S Melenchon waving at supporters
M/S Journalists
M/S Sign reading (French): "So that political trials have an end"
W/S Courthouse of Bobigny, Paris
Leader of the French opposition party La France Insoumise (France Unbowed) Jean-Luc Melenchon appeared in court in Bobigny, Paris, on Thursday. He arrived for the start of his trial for allegedly obstructing officials during raids on his home and party offices.
Melenchon was seen entering the courthouse alongside his co-defendant and MP Alexis Corbiere. He was wearing his tricolor MP's sash and raised his fist to cheer his many supporters who were rallying outside the court.
The opposition leader is charged with intimidating officials who raided his home and party headquarters during an investigation over alleged funding irregularities, last October. He also faces related charges for rebellion and provocation.
MP Corbiere branded the trial as "political" while speaking outside the courthouse and vowed the defendants were going to make their arguments heard.