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Italy: Venice underwater as flood hits the historic centre

267 12.11.2019 Инфо

W/S Tourists and residents walk in flooded St. Mark's Square, Venice
M/S Man walking in high water with walking cane
M/S Gondolas
M/S People in rubber boots
W/S People walk on footbridges
M/S Two people wearing raincoats and struggling amid high waters
M/S Water rising
M/S Man carries away boxes on cart
M/S Chairs of a bar amid high waters
C/U Chairs of a bar amid high waters
M/S Man carrying his belongings over his head
M/S Seagull floating
M/S Man with umbrella
M/S Workers carry footbridges
M/S Workers set footbridges
M/S People walk on footbridges
W/S Venice centre flooded
M/S Colonnades and shops flooded
M/S Woman wearing rubber boots gets wet
W/S Chairs from a bar amid high water
M/S Woman reaches footbridge
W/S People on footbridges
M/S Italians Carabinieri
M/S Man carries cart in water
M/S Chairs of a bar in St.Mark Square
W/S Man with umbrella
M/S Man with walking cane
C/U Bin submerged by water
M/S Man carries his belongings under colonnade
M/S Worker walks under colonnade
W/S St. Mark's Square submerged in high water, Venice
Seasonal high tides and strong winds caused more than 70 per cent of Venice to be submerged on Tuesday.
Residents could be seen struggling in the flooded St. Mark's Square as they carried their belongings over their heads, while many were able to stay dry walking on footbridges.
Winter flooding, dubbed "acqua alta" in Venice, meaning "high water", reached 127cm (50 inches) during the morning and it's expected to reach a maximum of 140cm (55 inches) later on Tuesday.