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Numerous pro-Palestinian activists were arrested during a demonstration in front of the Israeli Embassy, in London, Saturday. A counter-protest was also organised by pro-Israeli groups. Both groups rallied against the upsurge in violence that has swept across Israel and Palestinian territories in recent weeks, with pro-Israeli demonstrators blaming the violence on Palestinians. Pro-Palestinian activists held banners and denounced Israeli aggression, following violent clashes and attacks by Israel Defence Forces on Palestinian civilians. According to former MP and current Respect Party leader George Galloway, "Britain is the cause of all this disaster," citing the Balfour declaration as one of the main contributors to the conflict. The veteran activist and politician added that the "only solution is for the Palestinian people to be allowed to return to their homes and for the illegal military occupation of their land and the illegal settlement of their land to be ended." He called upon mass solidarity around Europe to push their governments into a just solution for the Palestinian people. October's violence has seen at least 42 Palestinians killed, as well as seven Israelis.


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