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UK: Labour's Corbyn speaks at climate strike London

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W/S Protesters marching, London
M/S Protesters chanting: 'We want change'
M/S School children chanting: 'Save our planet'
SOT, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader: "We've got to get to zero emissions a lot, lot sooner than 2050 [the government's target]. We've got to get there."
W/S Crowd cheering *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader: "Since 1970, 60% of animals have been rendered extinct by global warming, by climate change and by grotesque levels of exploitation of natural places."
C/U Banner *CUTAWAY*
SOT, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader: "Essentially 'environment' is a word about our natural life, our sustainability and how we lead our lives. In reality, it has to be a state of mind, a state of mind about how you treat each other, how you treat the natural world and how you preserve and protect it for the future."
M/S Protesters chanting in front of Houses of Parliament
C/U Banner reading: 'Save the Amazon'
M/S Children chanting and waving signs
SOT, Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader: "Together, this demonstration, and this message today is one about sustainability, about a good future for all of us in a world that is sustainable for all of us. Thank you very much."
C/U Sign reading: 'There is no planet B'
C/U Sign with Greta Thunberg face
SOT, protester: "We are highlighting the fact that a lot of people are struggling with the decision to have children, because they are too afraid of the future and what it's holding, and the fact that we are not doing enough about it. So asking for quicker and more widespread change."
M/S Protesters holding signs and chanting: 'Where the heck is the government?'
W/S Protesters holding signs and cheering
Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn addressed thousands of people who joined a global climate change protest in London on Friday.
"We've got to get to zero emissions a lot, lot sooner than 2050 [the government's target]," he told the crowd.
Schoolchildren and workers attended the rally outside the Houses of Parliament to demand action from government and civil society.
The strike in London was one many taking place in British cities and across the world.
The global action follows a series of school strikes initially inspired by Swedish teenager and climate activist Greta Thunberg.