Zandra - YOU | Words by Zandra

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With you I could write albums
One after another multiple soul orgasms
I could have the whole world kneel in front of me
Gaze at the genius of the emotions that you take out of me
But NO!
I refuse to have you!
I choose to not have you
But have the fire that you set me on
On rare occasions
Than transform it into the irritation
That will soon come with the relation-ship
I will sail this ship, sink it, bring it down to the bottom
and cry
Cry my eyes out for no one to see
Cuz now I`m under sea
My tears now mix with the salty water
I`ve done crossed all borders
Violated, tho I anticipated
What was in store for me
Do you know me?
Do I know me?
Me or what I`ve become to be!?