Russia: Lavrov meets with Hungarian FM Szijjarto in Moscow

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov met with the Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in Moscow, Wednesday, to discuss on transatlantic cooperation, Europe's migration crisis and the bilateral investment plans. The Russian diplomat stated that this is the "third meeting in ten months," which indicates the "intensity" of the dialogue. He also spoke on the quality of trade ties with Moscow describing them as "strongly encouraging" mentioning the "keen interest of Hungarian businessmen in working with the Russian regions." From his side the Hungarian foreign minister spoke about the reasons of his visit to Moscow. Szijjarto said that "major challenges cannot be overcome if there is no pragmatic cooperation between the Trans-Atlantic community and Russia" adding that Hungary would like "to be partners in building up this pragmatic cooperation." He cited "the successful conclusion of nuclear talks on Iran" in proving how such cooperation is beneficial. Szijjarto went on to speak about the European's Union migration crisis, adding that "Europe is still looking for the solution." The Hungarian diplomat also noted that "Hungary has made her own measures" managing to stop "the influx of irregular migrants."