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Най-големият действащ вулкан в Япония изригна

64 688 14.09.2015 Инфо

Time-lapse footage shows Japan's largest active volcano, Mount Aso, erupting on Monday, sending huge plumes of smoke 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) into the air. Tourists and locals have been safely evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano, which lies on the southern island of Kyushu. The 1,592-meter (5,222-feet) Mount Aso was seen firing parts of volcanic rock and ash into the air, meanwhile flights from the nearby Kumamoto airport have been cancelled. According to officials, 30 people were parked in cars near the volcano when it erupted, but were evacuated immediately, along with 100 other tourists near the scene. There have been no reports of damage or injuries so far. Footage courtesy of: Japan Meteorological Agency