Rihanna: Jennifer Lopez Is a "MILF!"

Rihanna insists it wasn't weird at all to be playing Jennifer Lopez's daughter in their new animated flick Home.
"How dope is that?" RiRi said at the movie's premiere on Sunday in L.A. "JLo is like the hottest mom. She's a MILF!"
The sexy factor is definitely not on display in Home. The movie tells the the story of an alien (Jim Parsons) on the run who lands on Earth and befriends an adventurous pre-teen Tip (Rihanna). Lopez not only voices Tip's mom, but she also sings "Feel the Light" for the movie's soundtrack.
"In this movie…her tone is really comforting, sincere and genuine," Rihanna said of Lopez's work. "When you hear it, you believe it."