UK: BREXIT beer mats flood Britain's biggest pub chain Wetherspoon

Britain's biggest pub chain Wetherspoon released its very own BREXIT beer mats at one of their pubs in Preston, Thursday, in conjunction with the run-up to the 23 June referendum.
The idea stemmed from the company's founder Tim Martin, who said that his company had made around 100,000 beer mats so far and they are "already running out," adding that "when there is a political decision to be made over a particular issue, I think it's perfectly appropriate for people to discuss it in pubs, if not pubs, where?"
The beer mats take specific aim at IMF chief Christine Lagarde who recently came out in support of the Remain camp. The mats which Martin hopes will number "one million" will be available in the company's 920 pubs across the UK.
Voters head to the polls on Thursday, June 23, to submit their votes in a referendum on the United Kingdom's European Union membership. Should voters decide for the UK to stay in the EU, the country will have a "special" status within the 28-member bloc, namely when it comes to immigration policies, as agreed between British Prime Minister David Cameron and other EU leaders.