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Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the Russian sports team after the World Games 2015 organised by the International Wheelchair & Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS), in Sochi, Tuesday. "I am very glad to see you all after the World Games organised by International Sports Federation IWAS. What can I say? You have surprised all of us with your results once again," he said, adding that Russian sportsmen were "not very hospitable" with their competitors. According to Putin, Russian sportsmen have achieved "great results" and are in a good athletic form for new competitions. "I know that experts consider the IWAS World Games to be an important step before preparations for the Paralympic Games 2016, that will take place in Rio de Janeiro," the Russian leader stressed. President Putin also called on Russian Regional Governors to support and assist "not only Paralympic sportsmen but also sports in general." The World Games of IWAS Federation have been held since 1948 but are being held for the first time in Russia this year. The Russian team won 125 golden, 105 silver and 95 bronze medals.


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