Russia: Black Sea Fleet's flagship sets off for naval drills with China

The flagship of Russia's Black Sea Fleet 'Moskva' left Sevastopol, Thursday, heading for the Mediterranean to take part in the joint, one week-long Russian-Chinese naval drills. The ship is expected to join up with the other warships, five Russian and three Chinese, for the main part of the manoeuvres. It is the most powerful vessel among the participating cruisers. The exercises encompass replenishment at sea, escort missions and live-fire scenarios. The Chinese vessels, including two 054A/Jiankai II missile frigates and a supply ship, had previously visited Russia's port in Novorossiysk for Victory Day on May 9. The Moskva is a warship of Project 1164 Atlant-class missile cruisers, also serving duty as air defence vessel in Russia's Southern Military District.