Sweden: Tributes placed for woman stabbed to death at refugee shelter

Floral tributes and candles were placed outside a centre for underage unaccompanied refugees in Molndal, Tuesday, in memory of a 22-year-old woman who killed during a fight at the facility on Monday morning.
The 22-year-old victim was an employee at the centre and died at the Sahlgrenska Hospital as a consequence of knife-induced injuries sustained during the brawl between several teenagers.
The Molndal Police spokesperson stated that one resident at the centre was taken into custody in relation to the death. Several others were also detained for allegedly participation in the brawl leading to the death of the employee. The police refused to disclose any further information on the identity of the detainees.
The centre for underage unaccompanied refugees in Molndal hosts around 10 refugees aged 14 - 17 years. The centre is a private facility has been operating since September 2015.