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Chilean national team players Edson Puch and Marcelo Diaz discussed their 2-0 victory over Cameroon in the Confederations Cup and future match against world champions Germany, in Moscow on Monday.
Diaz stated that injured teammate Alexis Sanchez' presence in the match against Cameroon made a difference: "Yesterday I believe that having him in the field made a real difference," the midfielder said. “It makes the players of the other team worried, it doesn't matter whether he is in top form. It is a player that doesn't allow you to remain indifferent," he continued.
Puch discussed La Roja’s next match against world champions Germany: "We know the kind of game they play. We know that European football is very strong and despite not having all the players, we place the right value on them. (They are) world champions and we're ready for any team and are focused on our own work" he said.
Chile will face Germany in Kazan on June 22.



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