Armenia: Drone captures electric Yerevan protesters dancing

Drone footage captured thousands of anti-government protesters dancing in circles to traditional music in the centre of Yerevan, Saturday. The protests, which began as a reaction to rising electricity prices, have now been going on for eight days. On June 17 the Public Services Regulatory Committee (PSRC) announced that energy prices would be increased by 16 percent, raising them for the third time in three years. Protesters have been taking to the streets since Friday, even after 200 were arrested and the police started to deploy water cannons. Wednesday's rally remained peaceful, but protesters continue to call for the government to release the detained demonstrators. Reports filtered through to the protesters that Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan will suspend the utility price hike earlier on Saturday. A statement released by the President's office states that citizen's utility bills will not rise, rather tax revenues will be used to raise capital to pay energy companies.