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Serbia: Protesters rally against Kosovan goverment's takeover of Trepca mine

8 16.10.2016 Инфо

Around a hundred Serbian nationalists protested against the Kosovan government's takeover of the Trepca mine, in the centre of Belgrade, Sunday.
Protesters came with flags and banners reading, "We don't give Trepca, we don't give Kosmet." The leader of the nationalist group 'Nasi' Ivan Ivanovic stated, "Unfortunately our Government in Serbia has signed the Brussels agreement which has made it possible for the takeover of Trepca mine. And today we gathered here here in the centre of Belgrade to give a support to Kosovo Serbs and send a clear message to Serbian Government that the betrayal of Kosovo and Metohija will not pass by us."
The Trepca mine is located in the north of Kosovo, where the majority of people are Serbs. Kosovo's parliament announced a law that the ex-Yugoslav mining complex will be turned into a shareholding company. 80 percent of the mine will be controlled by the Kosovan government, whilst 20 percent will remain in the hands of the employees.