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Israeli authorities allowed Palestinians in Gaza to export their produce into Israel for the first time since 2007, Wednesday. The more is purportedly motivated by a need to improve the economy of Gaza and boost employment. Despite the lift on exports from Gaza, imports remain blockaded, including materials such as wood, concrete, steel elements, iron, sealants and other materials vital to rebuilding Gaza’s infrastructure and economy. Israel’s stated reason for the banning of such materials is that they are allegedly of “duel-use,” meaning they could be used to construct weaponry or tunnels to procure weapons. The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) also blocks many food types it labels “luxurious.” Palestinian rights organisations and advocacy services have criticized Israel’s move. They state that without Israel allowing Gazans to import raw materials, such as wood, the economy cannot be expected to grow. One of Gaza’s potential growth sectors is the production of furniture; but its companies cannot enter global markets without raw materials, rights groups say.


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