Germany: Biker spins his way into the record books during FIBO 2016

The world record of the most rotations on one bike wheel, within 30 seconds, was bettered by German Chris Boehm during the FIBO global fitness fair 2016 in Cologne, Sunday.
The record has yet to be confirmed by the Guinness World Records organisation but Boehm said he expected to get the approval within the next two to three weeks. The current record stands at 29 spins, Boehm achieved 34.
"I feel very good because I am, every week, on the way and I test in the meantime whenever I don't have other commitments to train and to try out new tricks, and this trick I tested it recently and today I managed to score." said Boehm.
Following Boehm, Benedict Mordstein, the holder of another ten world records, successfully attempted to complete the most body spins with legs and arms crossed in one minute. Mordstein managed to beat the record by one rotation, achieving 60 spins in the time allocated.
FIBO is an international trade show for fitness, well-being and health. Every year about 730 exhibitors from around 38 countries present the latest fitness products.