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Hearses started transferring the mortal remains of the 16 students and their teacher, who died in the Germanwings crash in March, from Dusseldorf to Haltern, Wednesday, after the bodies of 44 victims arrived at Dusseldorf Airport on Tuesday evening. The hearses will go on a memorial parade through Haltern, once they reach the hometown of the students. The convoy will ride past Joseph-Koenig-Gymnasium, the school the victims attended. The other coffins will be handed over to their families in an official ceremony in Dusseldorf. Another plane with the remaining bodies is expected to arrive in Dusseldorf later in June. One hundred and fifty people died when Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashed into the French Alps while travelling from Barcelona to Duesseldorf on March 24. Investigators believe that co-pilot Andreas Lubitz deliberately flew the Airbus A320 into the mountainside.


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