Hammerfall - And yet i Smile

[Verse 1]
Come inside, let's stay a while
As the misty morning kiss the sky
I have for you a fairy tale
Untold, unspoken
Words I said and deeds I've done
With foolish pride I have touched the sun
Some things I did, I apologize
Ooh, I'm sorry

Not for the things that they made me do
Only for the times I failed to see them through
In the end, we only will regret
The things we did not do
This message to you

[Verse 2]
When life will end, we do not know
My time is here, I gotta go
I tread the path of no return
To find my purpose
I walk through life, my spirit's high
'Cause I am me, that's my battle cry
Bruised and scarred, that's who I am
Ooh, I remember

Stars was aligned and the sky adorned
Winter came on the night that I was born
And I knew right there at the start
That this is my life
I'll stand the test of time

My star cannot shine
Without darkness around
Even though I've been scarred for life
I must fight to reconcile
And yet I smile, I'm alive