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Япония: Представиха новите талисмани за Олимпиадата в Токио 2020

30 18.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Olympic mascots Miraitowa and Someity being unveiled at Hoyonomori elementary school, Tokyo
C/U Miraitowa
C/U Someity
W/S Ceremony in progress
W/S Schoolchildren
M/S Mascots waving
W/S Mascots
M/S Miraitowa walking
C/U Mascots raising hands
M/S Schoolchildren
M/S Girl speaking to mascots
M/S Schoolchildren
M/S Girl speaking to mascots
M/S Schoolchildren
M/S Boy speaking to mascots
C/U Miraitowa's eyes changing colour
C/U Miraitowa's eyes showing heart pictograms
M/S Schoolchildren clapping
M/S Woman moving Someity's arms
W/S Schoolchildren standing behind banner reading "Tokyo 2020"
W/S Schoolchildren saying bye to mascots
M/S Schoolchildren saying bye to mascots
Tokyo 2020 mascot robots Miratowa and Someity visited an elementary school in the Japanese capital of Tokyo on Monday, where event organisers demonstrated for the first time how the robots are controlled remotely.
Footage shows Miratowa and Someity waving at schoolchildren and employing voice and facial expression recognition.
Miraitowa and Someity will welcome athletes and guests during the event with handshaking and waving and various facial expressions. The organisers said they are planning to make the 2020 games the most innovative sporting event to date.
The official ceremony marking one year until the games will be held on Wednesday. The Tokyo Olympics will take place between July 24 and August 9 2020.