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Netherlands: MH17 shot down from the village of Pervomayskoye - JIT

0 28.09.2016 Инфо

Members of the Dutch-led Joint Investigation Team (JIT) claimed that the MH-17 flight was shot down from the village of Pervomayskoye, in eastern Ukraine, using a Buk missile system, during a press conference in Nieuwegein, on Wednesday.
"Previously the Dutch Safety Board officials had concluded that the missile must have been launched from an area of 320 square kilometres south-east from Grabovo. The farmland near Pervomayskoye is located in that area," head of the Dutch National Detective Force, Wilbert Paulissen, stated.
However, prior to the JIT investigation's announcement, during a press conference in Moscow, Monday, Russia's Defence Ministry presented radiolocation data on the MH17 crash site, which brings the JIT's findings into question. Head of Radio-Radar Troops of the Russian Air Force Andrei Coban stated that before the plane crashed, "not a single aerial object approaching the plane from the east side, including the village of Snezhnoe, could be determined."
Coban added that "if the Malaysian Boeing was hit by a missile launched from any area located to the east of the crash site, it would have been shown on the primary radar data."
Paulissen went on to say that the new primary radar images released by the Russian Almaz-Antey arms manufacturer "have not been handed over to the JIT and therefore could not have been investigated." "But the JIT will investigate them as soon as we will receive them," he added.
Moreover, Chief Dutch prosecutor Fred Westerbeke stated that "the Buk system was brought inside from the Russian Federation and we have not done more in our conclusion and that means that we are not making any statements about involvement of the Russian Federation as a country or people from the Russian Federation."