Balanced Risk May Not Concern Fed for Interest Rate Vote

According to former officials of the Federal Reserve, balanced risk to the economy may not be a factor come September.
In mid-September the Fed will meet to discuss economic conditions, and whether it is an appropriate time to raise the interest rate.
The body governing the US central bank has kept the interest rate near zero since 2008.
With stabilization in the job market finally presenting itself in data after years of stagnation, the former Fed employees believe that balanced risk will be less of a concern.
As indicators of economic strength continue, such as reduced unemployment figures and initiatives to raise minimum wage in the short-term, international factors will weight less on the mind's of the Fed.
David Stockton, a former research director with the Fed believes they are ready to move forward with increasing the right, and will most likely occur as a result of the September meeting.
Stockton added, "unless we get some seriously disappointing news on the labor market."