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Spain: Far-right Vox party leader rules out Socialist Party coalition

0 11.11.2019 Инфо

M/S Vox Party members arrive for press conference at in Vox party headquarters, Madrid
SOT, Santiago Abascal, Vox party leader (Spanish): "We would like to express our satisfaction about Vox's results, which we think are absolutely extraordinary, we became the third national political force with 15 per cent of votes and the support of 3,640,000 Spaniards, which gave us 52 MPs and three senators."
C/U Spanish flag with Vox logo
SOT, Santiago Abascal, Vox party leader (Spanish): "Spaniards voted for us to oppose, so we announce that we will vote against any government led or constituted by the Socialist Party, as we said during the electoral campaign, that we would not contribute via a supporting vote or abstention, that is to say not by action or omission, in the formation of a government containing the Socialist Party."
C/U Camera filming press conference
SOT, Santiago Abascal, Vox party leader (Spanish): "We observed once again, during the whole campaign, and especially after yesterday's results, how the right-wing media relentlessly and brutally blamed Vox's voters, blaming them for, nothing more and nothing less than Pedro Sanchez's victory, and how the left-wing media, once again we witnessed how they strongly criminalised Vox's voters and this party's leaders without any kind of compassion."
C/U Microphones and Vox logo
SOT, Santiago Abascal, Vox party leader (Spanish): "We just had to bear, this morning, listening to the chief of CIS (Centre for Sociological Research) that whitewashing Vox is the same thing that whitewashing of Hitler in Nazi Germany. We don't need to justify ourselves nor reject another totalitarian regime, as we always do, but we will say that Mr [Jose Felix] Tezanos is miserable and that Mr Tezanos once again shows that the Socialist Party uses the democratic institutions to serve a political party and contributes to the criminalisation and demonisation of millions of Spaniards who he should study and understand a little better."
M/S Journalist asks question
SOT, Santiago Abascal, Vox party leader (Spanish): "I said it yesterday too, until very recently, in April, March, they were insulting Vox leaders. After April, they have been insulting 2,600,000 Spaniards. As of today, they are insulting 3,600,000 Spaniards. And I'd like to invite them to consider something, if only for personal convenience: those insults, not only are not hurting us, but they are making us stronger."
M/S Abascal and party members leaving press conference
M/S Abascal meets supporters outside party headquarters
Vox party leader Santiago Abascal promised to block any government containing the Socialist Party (PSOE) at a post-election press conference at party headquarters on Monday.
"Spaniards voted for us to oppose, so we announce that we will vote against any government led or constituted by the Socialist Party," Abascal told the assembled journalists.
Although the general election ended up in a deadlock for the fourth time in four years, Vox emerged as a contender, picking up 52 seats and in the process becoming the third biggest party.
The election followed failed attempts to form a coalition between Spain's main left-wing parties PSOE and junior partner Podemos in the aftermath of this April's election.